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Creating Contents with REST

This document explains how to create new contents in a repository using ADx REST API.

  1. Log in to ADx.

  2. On the landing page, click the API link under repository where you want to create the content:

    Swagger page opens, showing the available ADx endpoints.

  3. Find the /access.adx.content.demo/v1/content Create Content endpoint and expand it.

    To create folders, use the /access.adx.content.demo/v1/folder Create Folder endpoint.

  4. Attach the file to be a basis for your content in the resource field.

  5. Optionally, change other properties as required.

  6. Click Execute and check the response. A response with code 200 (success) means that the content is now created.

  7. Your content is now created, but it still has the WORKING_COPY status, meaning you need to check it in.

  8. Open the /access.adx.content.test/v1/content/checkin endpoint available under Versioning.

  9. Click Execute. Your content is now saved with the status CURRENT.