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Connecting a CMIS-compatible Repository

The most powerful ability of ADx is probably the integration of multiple document repositories and their management from a single source, without the need to migrate any data. This could prove especially beneficial to large companies with a number of subsidiaries using different content management systems, in addition to the parent company content.

You can bind the following repository types to ADx:

  • Content Service Platform CSP
  • Documentum
  • Sharepoint
  • Alfresco

In order to connect to an external repository, you need to add it to ADx Administrator area following the standard procedure described here. During the process, you will need to define a connection to the external repository. Before you start, make sure you have the following information:

  • Access credentials to the target repository
  • Knowledge of the target repository API - the best way to bind it (either via browser, web services, or atompub)

When you get to the point of adding a new connection, select the CMIS Connection as a type. The following page opens:

Fill in the fields as explained below:

externalIdConnection ID to be exposed via ADx API.
NameAny name you consider suitable for this connection.
repositoryIdThe ID of the target repository connected via CMIS.
ServiceUrlURL of the service on which the external repository is running. Note that you need to provide the URL for the selected bindingType.
authenticationMethodAuthentication method used by the external repository.
autoDeployWhen selected, the connection should be deployed automatically
bindingTypeHow to bind to the external service (either via browser, web services or atompub). This setting depends on the target service configuration.
cartridgeIf the connection type is provided by a cartridge, enter its externalId in this field.
passwordPassword to the external service.
useCompressionSelect this option to enable compression during HTTP data transfer.
useCookiesSelect this option to enable cookies from the external service.
userNameUser name to access the external service.

When ready, check the status of your connection in the Control Center, under Custom Deployables. If it reads partially deployed, redeploy ALL custom deployables. Once the status reads deployed, go to Connections and test the connection. If the test is successful, you can go back to Admin Access and activate the external repository.

Once the repository is active, you can simply switch to the Content Access, and manage documents from both local and external repositories.